Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oaxaca. The Historic Organ Festival: conclusion

Asunción Tlaxiaco
On Tuesday February 25th, after breakfast, the party split into two groups; one returning to the Tlaxiaco church to hear the organists in the party play selected short pieces on the organ, the other visiting the nearby archeological site of San Martín Huemelulpan.

We reunited at San Pedro Martir Yucuxaco and then continued on to the Dominican church at Santiago Tejupan (of which more to come).

Finally we all headed back to the town of Santa Maria Tiltepec, where we explored the sculpted and painted colonial church, and then enjoyed a farewell feast as guests of the Cruz Garcia family, where local musicians played, people danced and the mescal flowed.

Once again, in the company of other aficionados of Mexican art, music and life, we enjoyed the always memorable cavalcade of sounds, sights and tastes that is the Oaxaca Historic Organ Festival. Viva!

We are going to take a break for a few days to get used to our new computer, then we will look at some of the Oaxaca churches we visited in greater detail. Stay tuned!

text and photographs © 2014 Richard D. Perry

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