Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Chapels of Ixtla: La Capilla Segunda de Najar

La Capilla Segunda de Najar
This modest former capilla familiar follows the pattern of the other Ixtla area chapels.  Although lacking towers or an imposing dome the chapel boasts a handsome, rounded doorway framed by ornamental jambs carved with a grutesco design of stylized vines and bunches of grapes. 
door jamb with grutesco carving
The doorsill is also carved in the style of Ojo Zarco, featuring prancing lions and vines with spiky foliage. 
door sill with prancing lions
Like the other capillas too, the chapel interior is painted with floral ornament in a style related to the doorjambs, as well as with figures of animals and archangels. The murals are currently in poor condition and await restoration.
Capilla Segunda de Najar, venados
text © 2014 Richard D. Perry.  images courtesy of Niccolò Brooker and Diana Roberts.
video by Sergio Serrano

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