Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Institute of Oaxacan Historic Organs

Some of our readers may recall our reports on historic pipe organs in the churches of Oaxaca, many of which have been restored by the Institute of Oaxacan Historic Organs (IOHIO) led by Cicely Winter. 
   Long time support of IOHIO by the Harp/Helu foundation has been terminated and IOHIO is urgently seeking funding elsewhere. As aficionados of Mexican colonial arts and their preservation, our readers may be interested in this appeal. 

The Instituto de Órganos Históricos de Oaxaca (IOHIO) has had an astonishing impact on the cultural life of Oaxaca. When our project began in 2000, the general public had little idea of what an organ was or that Oaxaca had so many remarkable, historic instruments. Now after more than 17 years of work, we feel deeply gratified by the local awareness and appreciation of the organs as special Oaxacan treasures.
We have recently come to an organizational turning point which will afford us more independence to continue our work, and for this your support is especially important. If you have ever heard the arresting sound of the organs during our concerts, witnessed the euphoric response of our audiences of hundreds, reveled in our festivals, marveled at the abilities of our students, experienced the mass accompanied by the sound of a pipe organ rather than an electronic keyboard, observed the transformation
of an unrestored organ after a day of cleaning and conservation work, or attended the inaugural festivities of an organ brought back to life during a recent restoration, you would be amazed!
The IOHIO is a unique, multi-faceted, and ever-expanding project. Please consider a contribution to keep it moving forward.

How to Donate

US dollars (deductible in the US) using PayPal.
US dollars as a check payable to Oaxaca Lending Library Foundation, (registered as
a 501 (c)(3) for tax deductibility in the US), noting IOHIO in the check
s lower left corner, to:
Jim Corrigan, 5443 Drover Dr., San Diego, CA 92115
Deposited checks will be transferred to the IOHIO account in Oaxaca.
Mexican pesos as a cash deposit or transfer from another Mexican bank to our account: Instituto de Órganos Históricos de Oaxaca A.C.
Citibanamex account number 70091603827
CLABE 002610700916038278

Please contact us with the date and amount of your deposit.
Donations in euros. Please contact us for instructions.
A transfer from a US bank to our Mexican account will incur a foreign transaction fee.

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