Saturday, January 13, 2018

San Martin Huaquechula. earthquake update

As readers may have seen in our earlier posts, damage from the 2017 earthquake was extensive in the Puebla/Tlaxcala region. Repair and mitigation efforts are still in the early stages.
   In a post late last year we noted the severe damage suffered by the early Franciscan church and monastery of San Martín Huaquechula:
2017 picture of church front showing the fallen belfry immediately following the 'quake 
detail of collapsed vault above the church choir
Today we publish some more recent pictures of the extensive structural damage in the church at Huaquechula, courtesy of Robert Jackson.
San Martín Huaquechula, the church front 2018
the nave facing east
the cracked vaulting above the nave
the crushed choir beneath the fallen vault
color photography © 2017 & 2018 by Robert Jackson.  all rights reserved

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  1. I'm a little releived. Huaquechula is in good hands. The restoration is being funded and supervised by the FAHHO.