Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Durango. La Casa del Conde de Suchil.

In our previous post we mentioned Joseph Ignacio del Campo y Larrea, an 18th century hacendado and leading citizen in the city of Durango, also known as El Conde del Valle de Suchil.
   His imposing city mansion survives; called El Palacio del Conde de Suchil, a handsome colonial building that now houses an exhibition space under the aegis of the Fomento Cultural Banamex. 
The magnificent sculpted entry fronts the cut off corner of the building—an architectural feature sometimes called puerta chata, after a similarly fronted mid-1700s building, La Casa Chata in Tlalpan, Mexico City. 
La Casa Chata entry
The facade is densely detailed in late baroque style especially on the upper level, with neo Moorish openings, estipite pilasters and carved rococo panels.
El Palacio de Suchil— floodlit facade, upper level 
The current exhibit at the Palacio, which will be of interest to our readers, showcases photography of earlyMexican colonial churches by the author/architect Beverley Spears.
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