Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Hidalgo Missions: Tlahuelilpa, the Cloister

The Cloister

Now confined to a single story, the little rectangular cloister at Tlahuelilpa is a garden of sculptural delights.
Arcades of columns and arches, some with slanted fluting like the half columns of the open chapel, are further ornamented with floral bands and feature folk Ionic capitals that combine cherubs' heads and slotted "song" scrolls.

Doorways along the cloister walks are variously framed in Isabelline style and carved with winged angels and foliated grutesco motifs like the baptistry jambs.  Fragments of early polychrome murals still cling to the corridor walls.

text © 2014 Richard D. Perry. photography by Patrice Schmitz

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