Thursday, June 7, 2018

Calpan: The Posa Chapels 2

2. The Northwest Posa 
This chapel is dedicated to St. Francis, reinforcing the link between the Seraphic Order and the Passion of Christ. 
Large, framed reliefs of the Five Wounds of Christ appear on both faces of the posa. These are flanked on the east side by a pair of fluttering angels bearing the Instruments of the Passion—the one on the left identified by a plaque as the Archangel Michael.
northwest posa, east side detail
northwest posa, south side
On the south face the five wounds are embraced by a seraph with six spreading wings and flanked by monograms of Francis, Christ and Mary. Instead of the customary knotted cord, chain moldings like those at Huejotzingo border the arch and alfiz above—representing the Order of the Golden Fleece and suggesting royal patronage. 
statue of St Francis
One unique feature of this chapel is the statue of St. Francis himself, displaying the Stigmata, kneeling on the corner of the luxuriantly foliated parapet—a unique instance of such placement on a posa chapel. 
   Not only that, but a second statue, now missing but formerly mounted on the adjacent corner, is believed to have represented Francis elegantly dressed as a young man at the moment of his conversion—this photograph taken circa 1960 shows it still in place. 
text © 2018 Richard D. Perry 
photography by Carolyn Brown, Beverley Spears, Patrice Schmitz and the author

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