Monday, January 5, 2015

Los Santos Reyes. 2015

Los Santos Reyes (Tizimín, Yucatán)
On the feast day of the Three Kings (Los Santos Reyes or Los Reyes Magos) we would like to thank our readers for their attention over the past year and welcome them to 2015.
   We would also like to acknowledge our colleagues who have contributed so many of their beautiful color images for our posts in the past and previous years, especially Niccolò Brooker, Diana Roberts, Carolyn Brown, Felipe Falcón, Charlotte Ekland, Robert Guess and Robert Jackson among many others.  
   We hope to work with you again in the coming year. Thank you one and all.  Gracias a todos!
   We have several exciting series of posts planned for the New Year that we hope you will all enjoy.

                                       Richard D. Perry
Los Reyes Magos  (Ichmul, Yucatán)

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