Sunday, October 29, 2017

Earthquake damage in Morelos update: Hueyapan

This is the last in our current series reporting on recent earthquake damage to colonial churches in Morelos.  We will update our earlier posts as significant new information emerges.
Santo Domingo Hueyapan in happier times
The old Dominican mission of Santo Domingo Hueyapan stands high on the slopes of Popocatépetl, above Tetela del Volcán.
   Like Tetela, the plain but sturdy church front is notable for its handsome single tower, and is faced by an atrium cross cut from the abundant black basalt of the area. And the nave is lined by colorful baroque altars and a fine, gilded retablo mayor.
The tower, atrium cross and golden main altarpiece
Hueyapan, the nave before the 'quake   ©ELTB
The dome and lantern before the earthquake (
Wilhelm Karl Schepers Schaefer)
Following the 9/19 earthquake, however, the church sustained serious damage, leaving the tower cracked and battered, and collapsing two of the domed vaults—over the octagonal crossing and the apse.

Although the interior has been severely impacted, the main altarpiece seems to have escaped major harm.

text © 2017 Richard D. Perry
color images by Robert Jackson, ELTB and internet sources

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