Thursday, September 14, 2023

Yucatan. Santa Inez Dzitas

Dzitas was an important crossroads town in colonial times, located on the old Merida—Valladolid highway, as well as major stop on the former railroad line.
The old church of Santa Inez started life as a 16th century indian chapel It stands in a large, raised walled atrium, its broad stone apse housing the sacristy and friar’s room as well as supporting an impressive belfry which still stands. 

The later main church suffered during the Caste War but has been fully refurbished in recent times.
The wide rectangular front is capped by a triple belfry and corner merlons. A modern sequence of alfiz like moldings frame the arched doorway, small choir window and a recently fashioned heraldic relief of an eagle holding a serpent.

The nave is spanned by a classic Yucatecan log ceiling resting on a series of substantial stone arches, An old stone font rests in the baptistry. The rebuilt casa cural lies to the north east.

text ©2023 Richard D Perry
photography by the author and from online sources