Thursday, June 2, 2016

Yucatan, then and now: Santa Isabel Ticuch

We close our current series on Yucatán, Then and Now, with a look at the recently restored village church of Ticuch in eastern Yucatán.

Santa Isabel Ticuch: facade in 1984;  espadaña detail 2007
Located just east of Valladolid, Yucatan's second city, Santa Isabel Ticuch is the only regional church dedicated to this royal French saint, better known as Elizabeth of Portugal, a Franciscan tertiary.  
   Ticuch is noted for its elegant espadaña towering above the west front, fancifully detailed with ogival bell openings, unusual "slotted" scrolls, heart shaped pierced openings and topped with diminutive "mushroom" finials.
Ticuch: the nave exterior and abandoned camarín in 1984
The substantial church has recently undergone complete conservation and repainting, including restoration of the abandoned camarín of theVirgin at the rear.
The renovated church and camarín 2013
The conservation work at Ticuch, as with so many other restoration projects in Yucatan, was undertaken and completed with the dedicated professionalism of INAH restorer Cuauhtemoc Fernando Garcés Fierros with the usual support and dedication of the local chapter of Adopte una Obra de Arte, headed by the redoubtable Elva Villarreal de Garcia Ponce.
Elva Villarreal de Garcia Ponce with restored painting of Our Lady of the Rosary at Ticuch
text ©2016 Richard D. Perry. 1984 & 2007 color images of Ticuch by the author
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