Sunday, November 13, 2022

Morelos. San Agustín Tepetlixpita

The chapel of San Agustín Tepetlixpita is one of several isolated open chapels dating from the early years (mid-1500s) of the evangelization of the region by the Augustinians; in this case as a visita of nearby Totolapan and Huatlatlahuca.
elevations by JB Artigas
Although altered over the centuries, the basic plan and structure has endured; it consists of a square apse with a rectangular transverse nave attached in front. 
The apse is framed by battlemented walls with a belfry, and capped by a dome.
current view -2021
The nave is fronted by a plain triple arcade braced by intervening buttresses; all archways were open at one time but are now partially blocked with the exception of the altered central arch now framing the entry.
A rare early regional example of a chapel with a transverse nave in this region.

text © 2022 Richard D. Perry
Graphic © Juan Benito Artigas. Photography by Niccolo Brooker and Robert Jackson

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