Thursday, January 24, 2013

Water, Water: El Saucillo Aqueduct

Another spectacular colonial era aqueduct in Hidalgo, known as El Saucillo, is found in the western part of the state.
Located a few kilometers from the city of Huichapan, close to the border with Querétaro. this impressive, engineered structure bridges a deep barranca. 

Also known as the San José Atlán Aqueduct, it was built in the eighteenth century of sand colored stone.  Although short in length—only 155 meters long and in three sections with a total of 14 arches—it is one of the tallest in Mexico, the central arch being 44 meters high.

The surmounting water channel is still in place and accessible to the interested traveler

text © 2013 Richard D. Perry.  
Photography courtesy of Niccolo Brooker. All rights reserved.

Background image: cloister reflecting pool at Singuilucan, Hidalgo (courtesy Beverley Spears)

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