Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Mexico: earthquake damage in Morelos

We interrupt our scheduled posts to bring you information on earthquake damage to colonial monuments in Mexico, as it becomes available, with pictures if possible.  Please check again in for further updates.
   The state of Morelos, south of Mexico City and adjacent to Puebla has suffered the brunt of the September 19 quake. From the major city of Cuernavaca to the 16th century monasteries and village churches, the quake has taken a heavy toll.  Here are some preliminary reports and pictures.
In Cuernavaca itself, the Cortes palace towers and the Sagrario chapel adjacent to the cathedral both suffered moderate damage.
Eeffects were seen all along the Ruta de Conventos in the northern foothills, including major damage at the 16th century Augustinian priories of Tlayacapan and Totolapan.
Tlayacapan facade (©Robert Jackson)
Tlayacapan nave damage
Jantetelco tower (©Robert Jackson)
Bell towers and vaults were cracked and fractured at other conventos in the area including Jantetelco and Yautepec.
Jantetelco nave exterior (©Robert Jackson)
Jantetelco convento (©Robert Jackson)
Asuncion Yautepec
The folk baroque temple at Tepalcingo did not escape the tremors, sustaining damage to its iconic facade.
Church fronts were also affected in the southern part of the state, close to the epicenter and neighboring Puebla.
text © 2017 Richard D. Perry
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