Monday, December 31, 2018

Yucatan: The Norias

We close this year's posts on Yucatán with a look at its colonial water sources:
Although there is little surface water in Yucatán, almost all the settlements since early Maya times are situated close to cenotes or underground sinkholes, many of which give access to flowing fresh water streams.
   Several early missions made use of hydraulic devices to extract this vital resource, some of them incorporating mule powered water wheels, or “norias” housed in domed or thatched well houses .
   Some of these have survived and indeed still function to this day, now with electric pumps. Here we illustrate the most notable examples:

the noria at San Bernardino de Sisal (Valladolid )
the thatched village noria at Yaxcabá
the restored domed noria at Conkal
the noria at Mamá
the noria at Mani
text and images © 2018 Richard D. Perry

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