Thursday, August 6, 2020

Puebla. La Magdalena Quecholac: the convento

In a previous post we described the basilican church of La Magdalena in Quecholac. We noted that the added later forecourt serves to shield the original church front as well as what remains of the now abandoned Franciscan convento on the south side of the church.
The old convento front, with entry portal and open chapel
Our friend Niccolò Brooker recently ventured into the ruined convento. His pictures reveal several surviving details, including the entry doorway and the gaping open chapel, both formerly located behind an arcaded portico of which only a single column still stands.
The monastery entrance with scalloped archway and remnant cloister colonnade
Much of the cloister has been demolished except for a few columns and this surviving stone cross with reliefs of a crown of thorns and three bleeding wounds with spikes.
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images © 2018 Niccolo Brooker. All rights reserved

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