Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Yucatan. Santiago de Mérida

We continue our survey of Barrio chapels in the City of Mérida with a visit to the church of Santiago in this attractive eponymous neighborhood.
This church was completed in 1637, although little now remains to remind us of the original structure except for the modest sanctuary and the dated inscription placed above the entry. 

The later nave is capped by a decorative, wave-like parapets. The imposing 19th century front features a baroque doorway and a rather overwrought espadaña in three tiers with outsize pinnacles.
Long arcades resting on plain stone columns divide the the side aisles from the nave which is covered like nearby San Juan with a modified log ceiling. 
An austere white and gold retablo in broadly neoclassical style occupies the sanctuary.

text © 2007 & 2020 Richard D. Perry
photography by the author and from online sources

For more on the history and art of the Yucatan missions, consult our published guides. 

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