Monday, May 10, 2021

Puebla. San Diego Huejotzingo:The Mystic Vintage

In this post we return to central Puebla and the parish church of San Diego HuejotzingoIn a previous post we described a pair of side retablos there, that we speculate may have originally been located in the nearby storied church of the Franciscan convento of San Miguel Huejotzingo.
The Mystic Vintage print by Wierix
Here we consider another work of art there, a large painting of the Mystic Vintage, an image based on the eponymous popular print by the Flemish artist Hieronymous Wierix. In this case the composition is reversed with God the Father operating the wine press on the left, and Christ on the cross facing right.

The other major difference from the original print is the inclusion of the Archangel Michael—the patron of the church of San Miguel which strongly suggests the original placement of the painting there.
   Another addition is the presence of a Franciscan and Dominican friar on either side of the composition, the Franciscan possibly intended to be San Diego de Alcalá, the patron of the parish church.
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color photo courtesy of Niccolo Brooker.

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  1. Richard, que lugar tan espectacular, es notorio el frontis escalonado como pirámide y al centro tapiado el lugar donde debía estar el patrón. Gracias por compartir. Desde morelia te enviamos un cordial saludo.