Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Chihuahua. San Francisco de Borja

For the last in our current series of posts on the churches of Chihuahua with painted ceilings, we look at San Francisco de Borja in the Tarahumara region, another handsome Jesuit mission church.
Niccolo Brooker
 Reconstructed in the closing years of the 17th century and into the early 1700s, the building presents an elaborate carved facade flanked by imposing domed twin towers. 
©Niccolo Brooker
 Large vine reliefs flank the grand colonnaded doorway, above which a similarly framed niche showcases a statue of the patron saint St Francis Borgia.
©Niccolo Brooker
choir end ©Niccolo Brooker
sanctuary arch ©Niccolo Brooker
 The interior commands attention with its long beamed ceiling that covers the nave and apse. The sanctuary arch is also intensely carved with rosettes, winged angels and looped floral motifs.
Although much of the roof is of a later vintage, an earlier remnant section spans the sacristy?, its modified artesonado form painted like the others we have seen with colorful scrollwork.

text © 2021 Richard D. Perry
color images © Niccolo Brooker and Karla Muñoz-Alcocer 

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