Friday, June 5, 2020

Tlaxcala: Santo Toribio Xicotzinco 2.

Although the church interior at Santo Toribio Xicotzinco suffered a neoclassical makeover in the 19th century, two fine, late baroque altarpieces have survived in the transepts. 
   Both are designed in an exceptionally bold Churrigueresque style with prominent, freestanding estípite columns and sharply pointed “prow” cornices. 
One retablo is dedicated to the patron saint, Santo Toribio, whose figure occupies the center niche. He is accompanied by other statues of saints including the perennial Franciscan favorite St. Christopher.
Sto Toribio and St Christopher
The other retablo showcases the Virgin of Guadalupe, combining statuary and paintings.
Other original furnishings include the extraordinary sculpted stone pulpit.
text © 2020 Richard D. Perry
color images courtesy of Niccolo Brooker and others.
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