Sunday, July 26, 2020

Puebla. The Acatzingo fountain

In an previous post we described the early baptismal font in the Franciscan monastery church of Acatzingo, in Puebla. In particular we noted the unique relief of the town place glyph carved on one side.
In this post we look at the related fountain located in the patio of the adjacent parish church, a sumptuous, later colonial tiled building in the Pueblan style.
Acatzingo, the parish church
Although not currently functioning and not clearly dated, the essential elements of the fountain remain in place; it has several features of interest, including corner reliefs, some replicating the ancient place glyph of the community in the monastery church.
Each relief - four in all - is held up by a helmeted angel, a figure also derived from the monastery church font. Elements include a heart pierced by an arrow, crossed eagle claws, one feathered, the other almost skeletal, a feathered headdress and below, two reeds emerging from water—a clear reference to the ancient place name (Where Reeds Grow)
Four lion's heads with embedded spouts sit atop the central column ringed by a now indecipherable inscription, while additional spouts issue from the helmets of the angel reliefs.
text © 2020 Richard D. Perry 
images by the author and courtesy of Niccolo Brooker

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