Friday, January 8, 2021

Santos Reyes Acozac: the atrium cross

Besides the church and its gilded altarpieces, which we described in our previous post, another monument of interest at Acozac is the old carved stone cross mounted in the atrium.
Simply sculpted in segmented fashion, the cross is densely carved with Passion symbols on the front, notably the crowned head of Christ at the crossing and variety of Instruments of the Passion down the shaft to include a cockerel atop the column, a corn plant and a ladder at the base.
The cross is capped by the customary bescrolled INRI plaque.
The reverse side is plain apart from the lance and hyssop carved on the base.
Although undated, the cross may originate in colonial times.
text © 2021 Richard D. Perry
color images © Niccolo Brooker

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  1. This cross is one I haven't seen before. It's a beauty!