Monday, April 11, 2016

The Carved Crosses of Hidalgo: Tecajique

San Francisco Tecajique, another small settlement southwest of Actopan, also possesses a handsome atrial cross in the regional pattern. Cylindrical in form, it is cut from a highly textured, porous stone that has lost much of its definition over time. 
Although the Face at the axis is virtually obliterated, a necklace style Crown of Thorns encircles the arms, and sturdy spikes pierce the remnant Wounds at either end. 
  Some details of Passion reliefs can be traced on the shaft including a Rooster and Column, and at the foot, a Chalice with an inscribed Host. 
  An eroded angel’s head still stands out from the ornately scrolled INRI block at the head of the cross, while a winged angel relief appears on the pedestal.
text © 2016 Richard D. Perry.  cross images © Niccol├▓ Brooker

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