Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Jalisco. Sayula: The Passion Cross

Continuing our series on the crosses of Jalisco, we look at the grand atrium cross in the lakeside community of Sayula, in the eponymous valley south of Guadalajara.

As at nearby Tuxpan, the reconstituted cross at Inmaculada Sayula is octagonal and largely plain. 
   The roughly textured, brown tezontle crosspiece is the oldest section, flanking a complex, much eroded Crown relief at the axis with projecting thorns within and without. 
   As with other regional examples three drilled Wound holes in the arms and shaft are the other principal features.
By contrast, the pyramidal base is more intensely carved on all four faces. Dated 1781, although it seems earlier, the cross features Passion reliefs that include the heads of Judas and Caiphas as well as a fully realized Verónica—a rare depiction, especially for the base of a cross.
The Verónica
text & graphic © 2019 Richard D. Perry. all rights reserved.
base details © Niccolo Brooker
other Jalisco crosses: Tuxpan;  San Juan Ocotan; Santa Cruz el Grande; Sayula, San Sebastian Analco; Santa Cruz de Las Flores

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