Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Santa Cruz de Las Flores: the Crosses

Together with the adjacent parish church of La Soledad, the hospital chapel at Santa Cruz de Las Flores is home to several stone crosses that embody the stylistic traits of the region.
Santa Cruz de las Flores, apsidal cross
The Chapel Cross
One carved stone cross, possibly the original atrium cross, now rests in the chapel apse. Its cross-within-a-cross pattern—simple raised moldings intersecting a double ringed Crown of Thorns motif at the crossing—is in the same style as that we saw at Los Reyes CajititlanHoles on the arms suggest Christ's Wounds. Large poma finials cap the head and arms.
Santa Cruz de las Flores, La Soledad: atrium cross
The Parish Church
The old stone atrium cross still stands in front of the church of La Soledad.  Rectangular in form, with beveled edges, a plain shaft and no finials, it is more austere than the chapel cross. 
   The simple, windblown Crown motif at the crossing is pierced by four Nails angled from the four directions. Highly stylized Wound reliefs on either arm are also surmounted by three Nails, and spray feathery streams of blood to either side.
La Soledad:gable

La Soledad:gable cross
A modern cross, set atop the church gable, is carved with reliefs of Passion objects including nails, stylized ladders, a rooster and, curiously, a corn plant issuing from a jug.
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