Monday, May 21, 2012

Santa Cruz de Las Flores: inside the chapel

Because of the interest in this beautiful chapel, we are adding pictures of the unusual interior. 

As we noted in a previous post, the sanctuary and apse of the 16th century open chapel are still preserved. 
Late in the 1600s, an arcaded transverse nave, divided into three shallow aisles, was added to the original sanctuary.

This view of the nave reveals the delicate arcading and the sanctuary arch. The slots for the earlier beamed ceiling are in evidence, and the original atrium cross still stands in the apse.

The ornate entry to the Guadalupe chapel, located beneath the tower, is elaborately carved in the 18th century style of the right portal of the facade (see the earlier post.)
In another post we will look at the various carved stone crosses found in its precincts, along with those of the parish church of La Soledad across the road from the chapel.
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