Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Crosses of Cajititlan

The Crosses of Cajititlan - 2
Los Reyes.  Santuario de Guadalupe: gable cross
In our second post on the stone crosses of Cajititlan, we present a selection of the smaller wall crosses and reliefs that adorn the churches, chapels and colonial houses of the lakeside communities of Cajititlan.
All of these date from the 1700s or later, and almost all incorporate floral motifs.
Santuario de Guadalupe: facade crucifix
Santuario de Guadalupe: lateral entry, keystone cross
Los Reyes Cajititlan: house cross
San Lucas Cajititlan, foliated cross
< San Lucas Cajititlan: sacristy cross with rosette; keystone with sprouting cross >
Purísima Tlajomulco, fountain cross
Purísima Tlajomulco, gable cross
 text © 2012 Richard D. Perry;  photographic images: ©Richard D. Perry, Diana Roberts & Niccolo Brooker.     All rights reserved
Look for our forthcoming guide to Mexican Carved Stone Crosses.

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