Monday, March 8, 2021

Michoacan. Disaster at Nurio

We are very sad to report that a fire destroyed the church of Santiago Nurio on Sunday March 7, 2021.


Reports indicate that all the interior furnishings were burned including the exquisite painted underchoir and adjacent wooden baptistry, as well as the nave retablos.

Monday Morning

The only good news is that the adjacent Guatapera chapel, also with a priceless painted ceiling, was spared the holocaust.

Nevertheless, a tragic loss for Mexico and us all.  See our previous post on Nurio:

Richard Perry


  1. I read in your linked piece that there was another fire here in the 1980s. Were they able to determine how these fires started? What a tragic loss.

  2. No word yet on how the fire started. Often candles in such cases. Investigation is ongoing. Apparently inadequate water/firefighting supplies allowed the fire spread unchecked although since most of the interior was of wooden construction it would have been almost impossible to extinguish once started. R.

  3. No words can be said for this tragic loss. I don't remember if it was a Worldwide Heritage Patrimony, but all those churches are close to be awarded with that nomination. Hope soon will be rebuilt all the church and murals with the help of all of us that had the joy of taking pictures of their unique roof :'(