Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mexican Crosses: Cholula

San Gabriel de Cholula, 1668 segmented atrium cross with alternating rosettes and lozenges.
As a follow up to our earlier page on the monastery of San Gabriel in this city, we present here a selection of other carved stone crosses adorning the churches and cemeteries of Cholula.

This is the atrium cross of the church of San Miguel,
located behind San Gabriel, ornamented in a similar pattern

San Miguelito: this smaller chapel has a modern foliated gable cross with chalice and Host
Large cross in the Cholula Pantheon (cemetery) in the style of the San Gabriel cross
Two other Pantheon crosses
Below the great pyramid of Cholula: a rustic stone cross
In addition to those on inner city churches, there are several other old crosses on interest in outlying communities barrios of Cholula:
Santa Maria Magdalena Xixitla: gable cross with Passion symbols
Trinidad Xixitla: atrium cross with Passion reliefs
San Gregorio Zacapechpan: atrium cross with Passion symbols
San Luis Tehuiloyocan: atrium cross with Passion reliefs
Another in similar style,  dated 1713, is found in nearby Santiago Momoxpan

San Gregorio Atzompa, carved and painted atrium cross

text & images © Richard Perry,   photography: Niccolo Brooker & Diana Roberts
look for our forthcoming pictorial guide to Mexican Carved Stone Crosses

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