Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tepeyanco de las Flores: the stonework

In addition to its brilliant tiled surfaces, San Francisco de Tepeyanco features several examples of imaginative stone sculpture, crisply carved in a vigorous popular vein.

Sculptural passages around the main doorway include an inscription and swirling foliage.
A diminutive, tequitqui style relief of St. Joseph and the Christ Child adorns the keystone. 

 And imaginative imposts portray cherubs’ heads emerging from the fleshy tendrils and foliage. 
The emblem of the Franciscan crossed arms is neatly carved on one corner of the church front.

Finally, a handsome sculpted fountain, supported by freestanding angels, adds a touch of elegance to the atrium.
Text © 2012 Richard D. Perry.  photography courtesy of Niccol o Brooker
tiled background © Felipe Falc√≥n

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