Sunday, June 2, 2019

Guanajuato: two more drowned churches

In June we plan to look at more popular baroque churches in Puebla, but first we show a few more "drowned " churches that have come to our notice
La Purísima Zangarro
This imposing late 18th century church, off the road near Silao, sits in the lake behind Presa La Purísima—a favorite haunt of water fowl.

Zangarro, details of the church interior
Despite the weathered exterior, a variety of fine stone carving, replete with rosettes and shells, is still on view in the church interior, beneath remnant painted vaults.

Dolores Churumuco
Also in Guanajuato, this time near Irapuato, this late colonial church is still used for the occasional mass when the surrounding Presa Infiernillo lake dries up seasonally.
Today, all that remains of the flooded church is the elegant facade and the two-tiered tower, the latter the best preserved element, with its dome still intact.
Churumuco, the tower interior
our intrepid Niccolò Brooker at Churumuco
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text © 2019 Richard D. Perry. 
exterior images by the Niccolò Brooker who brought these two relics to our attention.

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