Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Missions of Michoacán: Puácuaro

We continue our posts on the missions of Lake Patzcuaro with a look at Puácuaro on the upper western shore.
   Beyond the narrow, basalt-lined streets of this indigenous village, the picturesque mission affords a breathtaking vista across Lake Patzcuaro. 
Architecturally, Puácuaro is a close relative to the other area missions. The rustic church is flanked on one side by a colonnaded casa cural with prominent overhanging eaves, and on the other side by a free standing belltower—another common regional feature—here capped by a pyramidal cupola. 
© Niccolo Brooker
The 16th century church porch is an authentic example of the mudéjar-inspired Plateresque style of the region. The doorway is framed by an alfiz formed by two styles of scallop shell superimposed on oak or acanthus leaves. An ornamental baluster column divides the shell-encrusted ajimez style choir window —also typical of the region.
© Quin Matthews
A curved wooden ceiling covers the nave, appropriately painted sky blue.
text and graphic © 1997 & 2019 Richard D. Perry
color photography by Quin Matthews & Niccolo Brooker

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