Sunday, November 3, 2019

Missions of Michoacán: Tzintzingareo

For the last in our current series on the Missions of Michoacán and their crosses we go to Tzintzingareo (Hummingbird Sanctuary), located in hill country near Ciudad Hidalgo in eastern Michoacán. 
   The present village church of Asuncion Tzintzingareo replaced the original hospital chapel of the pueblo.
Its square front features a plain arched doorway covered by an alfiz, and bears the date 1663 below the modest belltower.

Another colonial survival here is the atrium cross mounted in front of the doorway. The chamfered arms and shaft of the octagonal cross rise to a embrace a spiny Crown of Thorns at the crossing and a skull and bones inset on the lower shaft. 
Representations of Passion symbols are inscribed on the lower shaft along with dates in the 17th century.
Relief rosettes, ringed by more spines, cap both arms.

text and graphic © 2019 Richard D. Perry
color photography courtesy of Diana Roberts and Niccolo Brooker

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