Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Tlayacapan chapels update

In previous posts we reported on the damage caused by the 9/17 earthquake to the numerous barrio chapels of Tlayacapan, in Morelos.
   Although the damage was in most cases not dire, restoration of the affected structures has been largely completed including repainting.  Aficionado Robert Jackson has been documenting the effects of the 'quake and the repair efforts, and has kindly offered his recent photographs for use in our blog for which we thank him for his tireless documenting the earthquake in Morelos and its aftermath.
   Here we contrast before (l) and after (r) views of the chapels:
Altica. the fallen tower,                                   and as replaced
La Concepcion:                                    the restored belfry
La Exaltacion.                             the restored dome & belfry.
La Magdalena,                             the damaged belfry as rebuilt
La Natividad:            tower replaced & belfry repaired
San Martin.                  damaged facade and towers restored
Santiago.                  facade and towers restored and repainted
Santa Ana.                                                         belfry and chapel front as restored

San Diego,                                                  belfry and cracked front as repaired

text © 2019 Richard D. Perry
color images © Robert Jackson 

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