Monday, September 30, 2019

Oaxaca. San Bartolo Soyaltepec 3: The Documents

As at Yautepec restoration efforts at Soyaltepec unearthed forgotten colonial documents among the cofradia archives.
Page from the Graduale Sanctorale
Of the greatest interest were two rare 16th century illustrated books of liturgical chants entitled El Graduale Sanctorale and El Graduale Dominicale, originally printed from woodblocks in Mexico City.
    These were then carefully restored by ADABI * specialists in document conservation, and subsequently displayed in the city of Oaxaca before returning to Soyaltepec.
Dated title Page from the Graduale Sanctorale
*ADABI: Apoyo al Desarrollo de Archivos y Bibliotecas de México 
Source: Dirección de la Biblioteca de Investigación Juan de Córdova: 
text © 2019 Richard D Perry

images © Felipe Falcón, Fidel Ugarte Liévana, Gibrán Morales Carranza, & José Luis Cruz.
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