Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mexican Crosses: San Pedro Zipiajo

This rural community, north of Lake Patzcuaro, is noted for its colorful fiesta with masked dancers honoring the patron saint St. Peter. 
   In addition to the carved, divided choir window (ajimez) and shell encrusted rectangular frame (alfiz) over the church doorway—both moorish features typical of colonial Michoacán churches—the other notable example of stone carving here is the atrium cross.
Although clearly reassembled with a new crosspiece, much of this colonial redstone cross remains, in particular the elegant, tapered shaft, which is emblazoned with several Passion symbols and unusual, stylized corn plants. The ornamental base too is prominently carved with shells and a skull and crossbones. 

text © 2016 Richard D. Perry.  
cross images © Diana M B Roberts. Thank you Diana.

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